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Calling the Police on Yourself for a DUI

A DUI can happen to almost anyone who makes a series of poor decisions. For instance, what happens if you spend an evening drinking, drive home, park in front of your house, and find yourself too intoxicated to get out of your vehicle? For most...

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Self-Defense and Justification in Pennsylvania

Central to understanding the George Zimmerman case is the idea of self-defense, or Justification.. The entire “stand-your-ground law” issue is only a subpart of the discussion. It isn’t a new defense; it merely alters the...

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High-conflict custody cases losing Parenting Coordinator option

Pennsylvania’s experiment with Parenting Coordination for high-conflict custody disputes is over. The PA Supreme Court has declared all Parenting Coordination orders and programs vacated, effective May 23, 2013. Pennsylvania Rule of Civil...

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